There was once an idea that preparing a house for market consisted of stripping

it of all personality and painting it beige, so that buyers could imagine

themselves living there. This idea has been outmoded! Current sellers and agents

recognise that there is more to presenting a house for sale than creating a blank

canvas. They know the decision to buy a home is influenced by a variety of

factors, and some of these factors are more emotional than they are rational!

When a buyer ‘falls in love’ with a home, the sale outcome will always be better

for the seller. Staging a property always adds a sense of comfort and amenity,

and should also add a sense that the home is a happy one, and a great place to


On a practical level, a room actually looks bigger when it is furnished. For

example, a very small, empty bedroom can have potential buyers asking if it’s

possible to fit a bed in at all! With the right sized furniture, the room can be

shown to its full potential. Equally, an open plan area can appear awkward when

unfurnished, and furnishing it well gives buyers a perspective on how they will

be able to use the space.

With most home buyers looking at properties on the Internet, it is important that

a property stands out photographically. Often, it is the furnishings that get

potential buyers to stop and look at a home for sale. When staging a property for

sale, an appropriate style of furnishing can be chosen to appeal to the particular

demographic, or age group, expected to be viewing. This has proven to be a very

successful approach.